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"The whole point of advertising, in its very essence - is about attention."


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Effective Attention: Optimise for results, optimise for good. 

Attention is not created equally. Both volume and value of attention differ across ads and environments, so why so why is the industry focussing on one dimensional benchmarks?  From, creative and context, to audience and activation, we will discuss how a sophisticated approach to evaluating Attention, encompassing multiple factors can deliver Effective Attention. Attention which is not only optimised to deliver maximum value of marketing but also to drive campaign sustainability and support a more sustainable media market. 

At dentsu, our award-winning, Attention study is the largest ever of its kind, providing detailed data and insight which allows us to not only understand Attention but to trade and optimise to deliver Effective Attention.  

The Roundtables : Effective Attention

The Roundtables : Effective Attention

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Maddie Armitage, Chief Data Officer, dentsu UK&I 

Mike Follett, Managing Director, Lumen 

Claire Blunt, Chief Advertising Officer and CEO, International from The Guardian 

Kaitlin Leary, VP of Agency & Consultancy at Oracle ACX 

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